“The use of eclinicalWorks has made my office more efficient than ever before. The patient’s love how quickly they get presciptions and test results from us. My office staff has more time tending to patient needs instead of paper work. I love eClinicalWorks because I can access patient charts and results so much faster than traditional paper charts thus improving quality of care.Using Curas to implement and manage our EMR has been the best decision I made. Num and Brad have been extremely helpful and easily available. Anytime I have a problem, I can pick up the phone and know that my problem will be solved. Their philosophy on customer service places them head and shoulders above the rest.” Benjamin Albano Jr MD
Twin City Internal Medicine Specialists
Festus, MO
Internal Medicine
“I truly appreciate the personal attention, knowledge of the product, and ownership mentality that Curas brings to the table in  servicing and implementing eClinicalworks. When I have a question, the answer is but a phone call away. The Curas team has been an integral part of both the staff and the doctors’ education and acceptance of the Electronic Medical Record. John Appelbaum MD
Women’s Care Consultants
Saint Louis, MO
Specialty: OB-GYN
“I was very fortunate to meet Num when he came to train us on the use of our new EMR, eclinicalWorks. I was opening my dermatology practice straight out of residency, and I was overwhelmed with the many daunting tasks and important decisions facing me.  Num made the EMR part of the process easy. With his knowledge, advice, and patience, he guided us through methods of integrating eclinicalWorks into our practice in a way that streamlined patient flow.I had such a good experience working with Num through the training process that I decided to try Curas’ support and maintenance package. I have been nothing but pleased with their service. Anytime we have a question or problem, we know we can pick up the phone and call. Most of the time, it is something they can address or answer immediately. If it is something that requires more time or research, Curas has always been very prompt and attentive; following up with us in a timely manner and making sure everything is functioning as it should. Num and the Curas team are the best! Having experienced inferior support in the past, I can truly appreciate the quality and excellence of the service they provide.”
Jeannine Hoang MD
Mansfield Dermatology
Mansfield, TX
“From the first day we met with Num and Brad, Curas has been the most responsive and skilled vendor we have ever worked with. They are always available to fix any problem from simple to complex. We feel very lucky to have found such a professional and pleasant group to guide us expertly through the world of electronic medical records. Our first 2½ years with eClinicalWorks has been a great success primarily due to the implementation and support of Curas.”

Timothy Philpott MD
Women’s Care Consultants
Saint Louis, MO
Specialty: OB-GYN

“I first met Num with Curas when I was a resident.  Little did I know, the first EMR and vendor I had come across would be the pairing my partner and I would choose four years later. This was after exhaustively researching dozens of EMR systems.  After meeting Num and having him show me eCW, my expectations for an EMR and guide were immutably elevated to a level that no one else could match. We even tried saving a bit of money and going through eCW alone, but it was just not the same–you get what you pay for, and Curas has been worth every penny.

I think my partner and I have an unrealistic view of the electronic medical record experience, because all the practice magazines I read make it sound like a perilous and painful journey. Yet, our experience with Curas and Ecw–along with every ancillary service they have recommended, has been fun, fast and effective. We are nine months into our new practice, and we can’t imagine life before this EMR. We actually do not have to call on Curas too often, but when we do–ACTION!”

Matt Thompson MD
The Kids Clinic
Spokane, WA
Specialty: Pediatrics
“When you run a busy practice, the EMR has to be working fast. Any time we are having a problem, we can get help immediately from Curas with one call. When we expanded to 2 offices, Curas worked with my local IT consultant to have eClinicalWorks functioning at top speed. Having Curas to support eClinicalWorks keeps me from worrying about my EMR.”
Jon Ward, MD

Gulf Coast Dermatology
Panama City, FL
Specialty: Dermatology