MIPS Update, September 2018

With the end of the year quickly approaching, the last 90 days window for 2018 starts in on October 1st. While MIPS Quality reporting was for a full year in 2018, there are still several items that only required 90 days of reporting in 2018.

  • MIPS ACI – With no scoring advantage for reporting the Advancing Care Information Performance Activity category for a full year, there is still time to make sure that you are performing in the final 90 days of 2018.
  • MIPS Improvement Activities – With only a 90 day reporting period required for Improvement Activities, there is still time to implement these items. However, you need to get going as time is running out. eClinicalWorks has documents to assist with these activities on my.eclinicalworks.com under Knowledge > MACRA > Documentation. If you need help finding these documents or would like a Curas Trainer to assist with implementing these activities, contact us at support@curas.net.
  • 2015 Edition CEHRT MIPS ACI bonus points – If you plan on scoring the 10 bonus ACI points, you will need to upgrade before 10/1. Contact support@curas.net today to see if you would like to upgrade to V11. Our team will work with you on the pre-requisites, review hardware, and discuss training/go-live options.

eClinicalworks’ August 2018 Update 

eCW recently sent out their August MIPS update. Click here if you missed it have attached it or want to review it again.

Important Information About MIPS – August 2018