eCW Patient Safety Notification

Make sure that you are able to login to the portal. If you do not know your user name/password or are having difficulty logging in, contact us at

Once logged in, make sure you have assigned a patient safety officer and review the latest patient safety notifications.

Step 1 – Assign at least 1 Patient Safety Officer

  • If you are the administrator for your practice’s account, you can login and assign a patient safety officer.
    • To assign a patient Safety officer, select Admin Settings from the menu at the top right
    • Select Edit next to the person you want to assign as your Patient Safety Officer
    • Scroll down to the bottom where you can check “Yes” next to Patient Safety Officer and Save

Step 2 – Confirm your Patient Safety Officer(s)

  • Click on Safety & Compliance to view your Patient Safety Officer

Step 3 – Review the latest patient safety notifications.