eClinicalWorks Practice Management

pm_menuBeing a great doctor is the focus of your work  and your primary goal every day.  With Curas on your side, you can focus on patient care while we create the technology and systems to ensure your practice is running at peak performance.  eClinicalWorks’ Practice Management system can make that possible, and Curas can tailor the solution to meet your specific needs.  All facets of the system seamlessly integrate with eClinicalWorks EMR, giving you even greater access to information, communication, and patient care.

A Curas Implementation of eClinicalWorks PM in your Practice Means:

  • Streamlined Billing Management — medical billing processes (and payment or reimbursement of claims) can be complicated.  Curas can help you automate those processes through eClinicalWorks PM so that claims may be submitted and payments received and posted  electronically.  Patient insurance verification, payment status updates, and complete information is right at your fingertips.
  • Simplified Scheduling get a snapshot of your health practice’s overall scheduling capacity, next available openings, and even patient and appointment information in one easy-to use scheduling system.  Create, modify, or cancel appointments with one click of the mouse, and set up schedules for multiple locations or recurring schedules.
  • Database Management — your patient database can be built for your practice’s unique needs and patient profiles, and systems will be implemented to ensure the integrity of data entry, reducing errors and omissions.  Define mandatory fields, look up a patient with multiple providers, and check eligibility for services quickly and accurately.
  • Patient Summaries — quickly generate and print patient summaries as soon as the visit is complete.
  • Code Check — claims submission forms can be tricky and one mistake can delay payment.  That’s why eClinicalWorks PM helps you check your claims for errors before they’re submitted, and increase your first-time claim validation rates to get the reimbursement you’re owed.  It’s like having another billing assistant who never stops!
  • Manage Financials — patient statements and collection letters can be generated, according to your practice’s guidelines, right from the system.  Easily generate daily, monthly and yearly financial reports to track all financial aspects of your medical practice.
  • Gain Valuable Business Intelligence — Curas will build your eClinicalWorks PM system with the reports and dashboards you need to gauge the operation of your practice.  Quickly identify areas of success, and areas which may need attention.

Before any implementation, Curas takes the time to learn your practice, the operations, and processes to develop and eClinicalWorks PM system that can be quickly put into practice by all members of your team.  After all, any system can only be as good as its use in real life, so we take the software beyond just the implementation stage to ensure that all facets and features become part of the business practice as quickly as possible.  That’s how you get maximum benefit from one of the leading Practice Management systems available.

eBO Reporting

pm_menuBehind every medical practice is a business where patient care is at the forefront, and efficiency in workflow processes can enhance each patient’s experience and outcomes. You need tools and information to reach those goals, and Curas will help you implement the workflow and technology to get you there.

A Curas implementation of eClinicalWorks Business Optimization (eBO) will allow you to analyze trends, interpret outcomes, and fully leverage the wealth of data stored in your EMR/PM database.  You get to take advantage of specialists in all areas, including Financial, Operational, Compliance, Workflow, and Clinical Reporting to get the solution that’s right for you.

With eBO Your Practice Can:

  • Obtain insight into financial and clinical care issues to manage and monitor the practice’s overall health and progress.
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity through streamlined workflow processes that take your needs and practices into account.
  • Monitor Revenue Cycle Management through dashboards, lag trends and tracking.

When you Partner with Curas for eBO, you get:

  • A dedicated consultant to help create workflow and maximize data gathering and reporting
  • An implementation team dedicated to your project
  • Full analysis of business objectives, and creation of workflow to meet those objectives
  • Four days on-site training
  • Ongoing assessment to monitor productivity and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Need a specific report?  Curas also provides report templates and custom report writing services.  To learn more, visit our Report Store to purchase existing report templates.  If you don’t see the report you need there check out our Custom Report services or contact us to request a specific report.


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