eClinicalWorks Patient Portal

pat_portal_menuA key component of great patient care lies in the ease of patient communication with his or her doctor.  The eClinicalWorks Patient Portal is designed to provide that smooth line of communication, and give patients access to their medical information over a secure internet portal.  It also allows physicians and their offices to quickly communicate important information to the patient, thus speeding up care, billing and reimbursement, and allowing for an enhanced level of preventive care.  Curas can integrate the Patient Portal into your practice’s overall operation, making it a natural extension of your daily operation and enhancing your patient experience.

Imagine giving your patients a tool where they can:

  • Enter their medical history through specialty specific history questionnaires
  • Send an electronic request for prescription refill
  • View lab and test results as soon as they’re available
  • Schedule appointments
  • View invoices and statements
  • Send messages

And new patients can fill out new patient information forms and pre-registration all before their first visit.  It saves time, paperwork, and simplifies the new patient process.

Your practice benefits not only from the enhanced patient communication capabilities and integration with instant medical history available with the eClinicalWorks Patient Portal, but also from quicker distribution of forms and information (which leads to faster claims and reimbursement) including:

  • Post lab, test, and imaging results as they are received
  • Send appointment reminders
  • Upload statements
  • Upload intake forms, specialty specific
  • View patient history
  • Obtain referral requests
  • Provide patient education materials
  • Send messages

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