eClinical Messenger

messaging_menuConnectivity and communication can take many forms today, and eClinicalWorks has harnessed yet another avenue of interaction with eClinical Messenger.  Utilizing a hosted, Voice-Over-IP technology, eClinical Messenger allows for automated voice messages, emails, and text messages to be delivered directly to the patient at key times during his or her treatment whether that be routine care, or treatment of a specific illness.

Imagine, a virtual assistant performing tasks such as:

  • Appointment reminders and confirmations
  • Notification of receipt of normal lab results
  • Health alerts
  • Disease management information
  • New product or service notification
  • Changes in appointment schedules

And because eClinical Messenger is a fully integrated piece of the eClinicalWorks suite, all communication within the system is logged appropriately throughout the patient’s file.  That means time savings, no duplication of entry, and an expanded focus on patient care.

This fully customizable component of eClinicalWorks can be incorporated into your practice management solution to maximize efficiency and profits.

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