eClinicalWorks v11 and Patient Portal Version 8.2.14. 

eClinicalWorks has announced the release of eClinicalWorks Patient Portal Version 8.2.14. This version contains significant enhancements to the patient-facing aspects of Portal, such as easier accessibility, a cleaner look and feel and improved Spanish language capabilities. On the EMR side, Portal 8 has expanded proxy controls and settings, dashboard improvements and enhancements to online payments. Portal 8 also introduces key features to support Meaningful Use Stage 3 (MU3).

The upgrade to Portal 8 can occur in two ways:

  • Practices below version 11 will receive the patient portal version 8.2.14 during a scheduled deployment. These deployments began in May 2019 and continue through June 2019.
  • Practices that upgrade to eCW v11 will also be upgraded automatically to Patient Portal Version 8.

Additional information regarding the new features can be found on Please contact the Curas support team at 636-980-1310 or with any questions.

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