eClinicalWorks Training

Certified eClinicalWorks Trainers

At Curas, we believe that training is not just about how to click on buttons or operate menus on a screen. We also believe that canned, one-size-fits-all training just won’t do. From our findings in the Workflow sessions, our trainers develop workflow centric training plans to help your providers and users see how they will use eClinicalWorks in their specific roles.

We spend time with every client to understand your specific learning needs and develop a training plan for your organization:

  • Examine existing knowledge and skills
  • Assess computer skills, workflow, staffing levels
  • Analyze overall objectives
  • Deploy our experienced, eClinicalWorks Certified Trainers to deliver on-site training, who spend as much time coaching you through hands-on sessions as they do teaching on a projected screen.

The end result is an organization that has adopted the software into their practice and culture, rather than one that has learned to navigate the screens lacks the knowledge to use the system to accomplish vital, everyday tasks.

Curas has extensive experience in training clients to maximize their use and integration of eClinicalWorks into their practice.  We offer live or online eClinicalWorks EHR training.