EMR Optimization

Go-Live is over – now what? What else can eClinicalWorks do for me and my patients? Now that the hustle and bustle of Go-Live is over, you can focus on fine-tuning your EMR for maximum benefit for you and your patients. You can now focus on eClinicalWorks optimization for Better Care, Better Outcomes and Better Profitability.

Common workflow pains before an EMR optimization:

  • Increased patient wait times
  • Long days in the office for providers to complete documentation
  • Incomplete implementation and use of patient engagement products
  • Lack of use of order sets and templates
  • Inconsistent workflows making it difficult for staff to cross-cover
  • Flawed laboratory and radiology ordering and result workflow as well as tracking outstanding orders
  • Too many clicks to get through the chart
  • Challenges with referral and precertification workflows

eClinicalWorks Optimization Process

During an Optimization, a dedicated consultant or team of consultants will be assigned to your project. The first thing we will do is reach out to review current workflow and understand current frustrations with the providers and end users. Next, a system review will be conducted to understand what features and options are currently implemented, review documentation process and workflow, and review on-demand product activation set up. We will then come on site to conduct a shadowing session to review first-hand the workflow and process that was reviewed prior to the on-site session. This will allow us to really understand why you are struggling and give us the opportunity to see what features are actually being used throughout the patient care in your office. After the on-site shadow is complete, we will deliver a detailed report of our findings along with recommendations on workflow changes, training sessions, and module/feature implementation. We will then help you prioritize the agenda for implementation and conduct the training and/or consulting for you to see first-hand the benefits of a Curas EMR Optimization.

After an optimization is complete, the benefits you will see:

  • Decreased patient wait times
  • Streamlined workflows for documentation resulting in less time spent after hours, reduced clicks and better patient care
  • Fully functioning patient engagement products allowing patients to participate in their healthcare and allowing providers to communicate more quickly with their patients
  • Consistent workflows within the office allowing ease of staff to cross-over from position to position and/or provider to provider
  • Efficient workflows for processing laboratory and radiology orders as well as efficient workflows for result communication to patients
  • Streamlined workflow for tracking and following up on outstanding patient orders
  • Efficient workflows for referral and precertification allowing staff to better track and document information in the EMR

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