Custom Reports

Curas Reporting Services can help! We have a variety of reporting options to help you mine your data and help you make wise financial decisions about your practice and improving patient care. We help you analyze trends, provide custom eBO reports, interpret outcomes and fully leverage the wealth of data stored in your eClinicalWorks EHR.

The Curas Report Store contains a library of reports developed based on the needs of our clients. As eClinicalWorks custom reports are developed, we determine which ones feature common needs that can be used by other Curas clients. We add those to the Report Store, allowing more practices to benefit from the reports.

The Curas Report Store Features: reports_4

  • AR Aging Summary
  • Fee Schedule Listing
  • Batch Payment Report
  • Patient Listing
  • Automated Financial Analysis at Claim Level
  • Claim Auditing Reports
  • Claim Transaction Log
  • Co-Sign Report
  • And More!

Be sure to check the Curas Report Store often, as new reports are regularly added.

Curas Custom Reporting Services

Need an eClinicalWorks custom report that will meet the specific needs of your practice? Curas Custom Reporting Services can create the report for you and integrate it into your eClinicalWorks EHR. Just a few examples of reports we can write for you include:reports_1

  • Custom G/L Exports to Accounting Systems
  • Patient Survey Exports to Meet NCQA Requirements
  • Patient Population Management Dashboards and Reports to Meet PCMH Requirements
  • Clinical Reporting Dashboards for Diagnosis, Medication, and Lab Results Analysis
  • Administrative Reporting to Track Appointments, Referrals, Networks and More

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