Billing Optimization

One of the most challenging tasks for many practices is billing, yet it’s a critical piece of your medical practice’s success. In order to be effective, workflows and process must be in place (and be followed) to ensure your billing is going out correctly, in a timely fashion, and that issues are identified and resolved as quickly as possible. Practices lacking these key components can be negatively impacted by denied claims, cash flow problems, and even uncollectable claims and patient receivables. You have a tool – your eClinicalWorks practice management solution – that can help you avoid all that, if you optimize it and maximize your use of the system

That’s why Curas offers eClinicalWorks Billing Optimization. We want to help you use your eClinicalWorks system to its full potential, maximizing your investment and helping you to enhance your billing workflows for efficiency and profitability. Our process begins with an overall system review to identify areas of improvement, along with a benchmark analysis to identify where your practice is performing in relation to industry standards. This process will assess items such as:

  • Days in A/R
  • Aging greater than 120 days
  • Allowed not paid
  • Insurance lag from date of service
  • Top denials and rejections
  • And more!

Working with the Curas team of experts to optimize your billing will result in:

  • Identification, and rectification, of key problems in your billing and practice management workflows.
  • Optimization of your use of eBO reporting.
  • Leveraging your eClinicalWorks system to its fullest potential by implementing key features in the program that allow you to operate more accurately and efficiently.
  • Generation of a detailed optimization report which outlines areas for improvement and recommendations. In many cases, we uncover issues the practice is not even aware of!
  • Train your staff, following a detailed training agenda designed just for you, to ensure the smooth implementation and execution of these recommendations.
All this helps you gain efficiency in your billing and get paid faster for the services you provide!

With Curas on your side, you can successfully set up your billing processes so they can be performed efficiently and correctly by your in-house staff. The Curas team serves over 1,000 practices, large and small in 48 states, with their eClinicalWorks EMR and Practice Management Systems.

Key improvements often include
  • Building or redesigning a claims dashboard to improve claims follow-up processes… resulting in reduced days in A/R
  • Cleaner claims with no rejections or denials… resulting in 90%+ clean claim percentages
  • System automations to streamline repetitive manual tasks
  • Improved integration with clearinghouse features
    • Eligibility checking
    • Claim edits
    • Claim status updates
    • ERA / CAS code workflows
    • Conversion of EOBs to ERAs for ePosting
  • Custom biller productivity reports to track overall team performance

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