Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

Do you find that your practice struggles with billing and collections, and just don’t have the in-house staff to manage the Revenue Cycle Management process? Perhaps you’re seeing decreasing cash flow, aging and increasing A/R, or are experiencing a high number of rejected claims. Or maybe you realize that you have a backlog of claims that have never been processed, or which may have exceeded the allowable timeline for submission.

These are all issues that can negatively impact the well-being of your practice, and damage your financial health. The great news is, Curas has established a partner company to take all of this off your plate. That’s right – you can outsource your billing* and put it in the hands of a team of professionals who have expertise in your eClinicalWorks system, as well as best practices for billing and processing claims so you can get paid!

Introducing RCM360®

RCM360® leverages Curas’ eClinicalWorks expertise, along with our extensive experience working with practices just like yours to develop workflow processes, reporting, and easy-to-use dashboards. The RCM360® process is simple and transparent, comprehensive and supportive:

  1. Analyze and optimize your eClinicalWorks Billing and Revenue Cycle Management
  2. Establish processes, dashboards, baseline reports and monitoring dashboard
  3. Take over your billing, monitor claims daily, and perform weekly client meetings
  4. Address rejected claims within two business days
  5. Manage your billing and claims on an ongoing basis
  6. Perform regular communication and monitor progress

It’s a very hands-on process, one that involves identifying the issues that pose a financial threat to your practice while implementing the best solutions both within your eClinicalWorks system an across your practice’s workflow. The RCM360® goal: to implement and manage a billing system that ensures you get paid for the services you provide to your patients.

If you’re looking for smooth, timely and efficient billing, claims processing, and collection of receipts, RCM360® is the answer you’re looking for. Ask your Curas support team representative how RCM360® can help your practice increase revenue while decreasing the headaches you may currently be facing with your billing and collections.

*Note: in order to outsource your medical practice’s billing to RCM360®, your eClinicalWorks must be self hosted, or hosted in a data center. RCM360® is unable to work with practices hosted directly with eClinicalWorks.

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