Did You Know? | Transition of Care / Problem List Enhancements in V11

eClinicalWorks has released a set of problem list enhancements in V11 and included a Transition of Care (TOC) button, which is now accessible from Appointment Window and Chief Complaint Section of Progress Note.  This update simplifies user experience, and provides visual confirmation if an item has not been verified yet. Here are some of the new features:

  • A Transition of Care Button replaces the checkbox
  • It links the incoming Summary of Care Record with the current Encounter
  • Incoming Referrals and P2P Records must be created and received in advance to be available on the incoming Referrals/Patient Records Window.

TOC – Electronic summary of care record RECEIVED:

  • If the electronic Summary of Care (referral) is available and received from the transitional provider/facility.
  • Selecting this option includes the patient in the denominator of the Receive/Incorporate Stage 3 (HIE2).
  • For numerator credit for this measure, C-CDA attachment to the referral is a requirement.

TOC – Electronic summary of care record NOT received:

  • If the patient was transitioned from another provider/facility and the electronic summary of care (referral) is NOT available.
  • Selecting this option excludes the patient from the denominator calculation of the Receive/Incorporate Stage 3 measure (HIE 2).

A Green Check Mark will display on the Transition of Care Button on both the APPT Window and the CC in the PN regardless of where the information was updated.

The Referral information will also display on the APPT Window if the incoming referral was selected on the incoming Referral/P2P Records.  (ONLY the 1st referral will display on the APPT Window)

Transition of Care Enhancements

  • If the TOC button is checked:  a PL Verified Button will display if the patient’s Problem List has not been verified.
  • Displays on the ICW > Problem List and Assessments Window
  • Review the PL; click on the PL Verified button>Confirmation window opens > OK > PL Verified
  • If the patient doesn’t have any PL the No Know Problem box is checked automatically after OK is clicked.
  • The PL List Verification will log on the Progress Note Access Logs.