Did You Know? | February 2019

Did you know? There are report tools to manage medication NDC issues, to cut down on errors when sending eRx.

NDCs (National Drug Codes) are numbers assigned by the FDA and provide standardization and verification of medication content between providers, pharmacies, insurances, etc.

Within eCW, incorrect or missing NDCs may cause a prescription to fail or be dropped to fax. Incorrect/missing NDCs can adversely impact patient care, especially when utilizing EPCS. To minimize these occurrences, eCW has provided two tools to manage NDCs. These are both found under Reports>Report console>Rx.

The Manage Custom RX NDC report will allow you to correct NDC issues for ANY Custom medication. Once a correction is made here, the medication will be correct in the Custom list going forward.

**Please note, custom medications which are controlled substances cannot be sent via EPCS, regardless of whether or not the NDC is correct.

The Manage RX NDC report allows you to address NDC issues in specific areas; Current Rx, Order Sets, Templates, Favorites and eClinisense. NDC functionality has evolved greatly, so there may be medications out there in these areas which are incorrect, yet are continuing to be used. This report allows you to address these scenarios.