Did You Know? | eCW Allows You to Map SNOMED Codes to ICD Codes in the Problem List!

SNOMED – CT codes (Systemized Nomenclature of Medicine – Clinical Terminology) is the national standard for problem list and public health reporting. It is a required standard for electronic exchange of clinical health information.  Visit the U.S. National Library of Medicine for more information.

For your convenience and easy access, the SNOMED CT codes are pre-populated in eClinicalWorks. Currently, the SNOMED CT codes are available in the Assessments window and the Family History window. These codes are also used in Meaningful Use Stage 2 reporting in eCW.

eCW provides both an automated and manual method for mapping SNOMED codes to ICD-10 codes if you have ICD-10 codes selected prior to the implementation of SNOMED for Meaningful Use / MIPS.

When viewing a patient’s Interactive Chart Wizard (ICW) on Progress Note or the Patient Hub, a “Problem List SNOMED” message will display letting you know that the patient has ICD codes that are not mapped to a SNOMED code. Clicking on this link will take you through the steps to map the code(s).

eCW also provides a utility for mapping SNOMED codes to the ICD codes that are not mapped for all patients. This utility is accessed via the Report Console (Main Menu > eCW Menu . Reports tab > Report Console > SNOMED Utilities).


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