Did You Know? | E-Jelllybean – Change Request

Pharmacies now have the capability to submit change requests for prescription changes electronically in eClinincalWorks Version 11.  There are three types of change requests that can be sent to the practice.  These change requests can be approved, approved with changes, or denied depending on the specific request.

    • Generic substitution request

This type of request is sent to allow for the pharmacy to provide the patient with a generic substitution.  To avoid this request in the future, if the permitted substitution is sent to the pharmacy on the original order, they do not have to send approve to do so.

  • Therapeutic interchange

This type of request is sent if there is a change needed to the original script.  If the pharmacy performs a Drug Utilization Review (DUR), they may need to contact the prescribing provider to determine if the medication is, in fact, needed to treat their disease or to ensure that the dose and directions are accurate for the patient.

  • Prior Authorization (PA)

If the pharmacy determines a Prior Authorization is needed, a PA request should be sent to determine if the provider has initiated the PA.  If so and the PA number is received, the change request can be approved and the PA number can be entered on the change request screen. This will then be sent back to the pharmacy.  If not, the request can be denied which will alert the pharmacy to initiate the PA.

If you need assistance reviewing these types of requests, please reach out to our support team for further assistance at support@curas.net!