CMS Deadline: Diagnostic Test Requirements for Referring Providers

Effective January 1st, as a referring provider, the ONLY way your Medicare patients will be approved for diagnostic imaging tests is if you comply with the new imaging Clinical Decision Support (CDS) mandate. This is more work for you, but the ONLY way your patients can receive the diagnostic tests they need. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that CDS…

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MIPS, MAQ, ACO, and CPC Plus Dashboard Update

eClinicalWorks is constantly reviewing technology platforms and architectures to provide clients with the best possible reporting solutions, and to plan for projected growth. As a result, eClinicalWorks will be completing required maintenance on the MIPS, MAQ, ACO, and CPC+ Dashboards. This maintenance has been scheduled for Monday, November 25, 2019 through Sunday, December 1, 2019. During this time the MIPS,…

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eClinicalWorks & Healow Announce Collaboration With Humana, GuideWell, & Trusted Health Plan

eClinicalWorks has announced a collaboration with Humana, Inc., GuideWell, and Trusted Health Plan to provide advanced bidirectional interoperability through their Healow Insights integrated services. Aligned with the shift in healthcare, eClinicalWorks is built for the next step in the evolution of healthcare IT by aligning to meet the challenges and opportunities of value-based care. To achieve, the four organizations will…

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Curas and Physicians Trust Merge Creating Largest eClinicalWorks Partner in North America

As the healthcare reimbursement landscape continues to evolve, medical practices require an enhanced level of support to implement the most effective technology solutions and workflows. To meet this growing need, St. Louis-based Curas, Inc. and Physicians Trust of Santa Ana, Calif. have merged to form Ero Health, the largest reseller in North America focused on sales, implementation, optimization, support, and…

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V11 eCW Mandated Upgrade

As we have been communicating since May 2019, eClinicalWorks is requiring that all practices upgrade to V11 by November 30. At the conference, eClinicalWorks stated that 94% of their clients are now on V11. Please contact us at today to plan you upgrade. We will help you understand the hardware requirements, timeline and training options. As always, we are…

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New Mexico funding for PDMP Integration the Appriss

New Mexico has announced funding for the PDMP integration through Appriss through August of 2020.  As a reminder, eClinicalWorks does not charge for this integration.  Any and all costs will be charged through Appriss – New Mexico is funding this cost for a year. Please contact us at about the Appriss integration! We can help you through the product activation…

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New Drug Database Updates Available

There are two new drug database updates now available through eClinicalWorks. If you would like to install the following updates, please contact us at Medi-Span Drug Database: Patch ID: A-6637 Multum Drug Database: Patch ID: A-6638

11e – New Plugin Version Available 

Plugin Version 3.2.5 for eClinicalWorks 11e was released on Thursday, August 15th, 2019. eClinicalWorks recommends that practice administrators download this latest version and install it for their practice. Please Note: The plugin can be downloaded only by administrators with administrative privileges. For support, please contact us at  

CMS Proposes New MIPS Value Pathways in 2020 Physician Fee Schedule Update – HIMMS

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has release proposed changes to the Physician FEE Schedule (PFS).  These changes include policy, payment and quality provisions updates, which would begin first thing next year. CMS also proposed streamlining the Quality Payment Program (QPP), including a new way for physicians to participate in MIPS, called MIPS Value Pathways (MVPs), which would…

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Top Claim Error Revealed, AAPC

Non-covered charges (EOB 96) is one of the top claim errors. However, there is a known cause and solution for this error, and it can be prevented. When EOB 96 does occur, review the medical documentation, as well as the coverage determinations to verify diagnosis codes before submitting an appeal request. Read More