Lana’i Community Health Center

The Client

Lāna’i Community Health Center (LCHC), located on the Hawaiian island of Lāna’i, serves a target population of those living at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, as well as those who are underinsured. The practice is a non-profit organization where no one is turned away due to an inability to pay for service. LCHC was awarded Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) 330e status in 2007, and has provided primary care, behavioral health, dental, vision, and other clinical, outreach and enabling services since 2008.

The Situation

Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) play a key role in providing affordable and accessible health care to underserved communities regardless of a patient’s ability to pay. FQHCs such as LCHC receive federal funding to support their work in providing primary and preventive care. To maintain this funding, the practice must adhere to a specific set of requirements, and report to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a division of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), on a regular basis to ensure they are meeting quality standards for care and operation.

The Client’s Need

LCHC recognized a number of improvements that could be made in their practice through better use of their eClinicalWorks system. They knew they were not using eCW to its full potential, and that their workflows and efficiencies could be dramatically improved by eliminating duplicative steps and manual processes such as faxing referrals and medical records. In addition, they were facing billing, claims management and collection challenges that they felt could be addressed through proper optimization of their eClinicalWorks billing. All of these items are of great importance when it comes to reporting key measures for FQHC status, and the team at LCHC needed their eClinicalWorks EMR to work for them rather than them working around the system.

How Curas helped

Curas has served as the direct contact for the LCHC team for several years, supporting the practice through their eClinicalWorks go-live and helping them learn all of the features and functionality in eClinicalWorks. LCHC knew that Curas had many years of experience working with medical practices across the United States, and wanted to leverage their knowledge to implement best practices.

The Curas team began by examining LCHC’s workflows, identifying processes that would build efficiencies while crafting a plan to optimize eClinicalWorks to function, collect data, and report on key items in a manner most useful to the practice. The following solutions were implemented:

  • Optimization of eClinicalWorks to leverage the system to its fullest potential
  • Creation of templates and order sets to assist with documentation needed for FQHC reporting
  • Development and implementation of improved processes for all departments
  • Implementation of a Super User team in each department for on-site support
  • Ongoing Curas support to ensure smooth operation and assist with troubleshooting
  • Creation of streamlined standards of care throughout the practice
  • Optimization of eClinicalWorks billing

LCHC has experienced a number of advancements since optimizing their eClinicalWorks and workflows with Curas. The practice is seeing better documentation, as they now have the system and process in place to enter data more efficiently, allowing it to be easily pulled and analyzed for reporting purposes. Productivity across all departments, including front desk, medical, dental, vision, CHW, referrals and behavioral health has improved due to automation of key tasks and enhanced workflows.

“The Curas team has been supportive, patient, friendly and very knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They showed us how other health centers were best leveraging eClinicalWorks and suggested changes that would be most beneficial to us. Debby with Curas was on-site with us and helped us find ways to improve all of our processes. We are grateful for all we learned.”

-Cindy Figuerres, MBA, Associate Executive Director

-Lāna‘i Community Health Center’s Super User Team