Just For Women

Take an in-depth look at select Curas eClinicalWorks implementations and see how we turned each situation into an opportunity for growth and advancement.

Case Study: Just for Women; Memphis, Tennessee

The Client

Just for Women is a solo practitioner operated obstetrics and gynecological practice located in Memphis, Tennessee. Founded by Dr. Riad Homsi in 2009, the practice is affiliated with Methodist Hospital at Germantown, Baptist Memorial Hospital and Baptist Memorial at Memphis. (www.Just4WomenDoc.com).

The Situation

As medical professionals struggle to streamline and organize medical information in the digital age while maintaining patient privacy, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) are becoming integral in the operation of a successful, modern medical practice.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recently introduced financial incentive programs for the “meaningful use” of certified EMR/ EHR technology to achieve health and efficiency goals. In addition to benefits such as error reduction, increased availability of records and data, and e-prescribing/ refill automation, physicians can now receive financial compensation for utilizing certified electronic medical records technology.

The Client’s Need

While there are obvious benefits to implementing EMR technology, the process can be daunting when taken on in addition to managing a successful medical practice and full patient load. Dr. Homsi became aware of the stimulus funds available for achieving meaningful use but required assistance implementing the system in his practice. Seeing a percentage of Medicaid patients, Dr. Homsi was eager to learn more about achieving meaningful use.

How Curas Helped

Curas assisted Just for Women in implementing eClinicalWorks, a certified, award-winning EMR system that saves money, improves efficiency and enhances security while providing the best patient care possible. As the leading reseller of eClinicalWorks EMR and Practice Management systems, Curas has a 99% success rating in eClinicalWorks implementations as compared to the 27% industry-wide success rating.

Curas provided technical services to install and setup eClinicalWorks as well as the initial onsite training to help the Doctor and his staff get the most out of their EHR. By assisting Just for Women in implementing eClinicalWorks, Curas streamlined the process, making the transition to EMR smooth and manageable for Dr. Homsi and his staff. In doing so, Curas allowed the practice to become more efficient and profitable. After go-live, Curas provided the ongoing support and specific online sessions to help answer questions regarding Meaningful Use.

With extensive reporting capabilities and custom dashboards, the eClinicalWorks EMR system provided a framework for proper collection and reporting of data for the achievement of meaningful use. Curas was able to assist Just for Women in identifying their needs as a practice and meeting them.


eClinicalWorks’ dashboard allowed Just for Women to clearly identify their gaps in achieving Meaningful Use. The Curas team was able to guide the practice through the process in addressing these gaps allowing them to successfully demonstrate meaningful use of eClinicalWorks, a certified electronic medical record technology as outlined in the federal mandates. The system and its extensive customizations for the practice ensure that the practice will continue to demonstrate, document and meet the criteria and core objectives for the Medicaid HER Incentive Program while reporting on the clinical quality measures required.

The practice qualified for the federal stimulus funds associated with the meaningful use incentive programs, receiving $16,500.

Dr. Homsi, Just for Women

“EClinicalWorks has made a tremendous difference in my practice; the system is easy to use for both me and my office staff. Curas has been great to work with and are extremely responsive most times responding and addressing issues the same day.”
Dr. Riad Homsi