Dr. Berman and Dr. Nishida

The Client

Steven J Berman, MD and Steven D Nishida, MD are practicing physicians in Honolulu, Hawaii. The doctors share a medical office, each offering their expertise in their own specialties. Dr. Berman focuses on Internal Medicine/Infectious Disease while Dr. Nishida specializes in General Surgery.

“As we began integrating eClinicalWorks into our practices, we were impressed by Curas’ depth of knowledge, technical expertise and overall professionalism. Curas continues to play a crucial role in our success. Their ongoing support allows our practices to operate more efficiently, ensuring our patients receive a higher level of care.”

Dr. Berman, MD

The Situation

Modern medical practices rely heavily on technology. Electronic Medical Records (EMR) or Electronic Health Records (EHR) have revolutionized the healthcare industry, allowing practices to streamline processes, increase profitability and enhance patient care.

EMR/EHR systems are a crucial part of a successful medical practice in today’s industry. They offer numerous benefits, including e-prescribing, refill automation, increased availability of records and data, integrated prescription eligibility, increased medical records security through role-based security permission and much more.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services recently introduced financial incentive programs for the “meaningful use” of certified EMR/ EHR technology to achieve health and efficiency goals. Physicians can now receive financial compensation for utilizing certified electronic medical records technology.

The Client’s Need

Dr. Berman and Dr. Nishida sought an EMR technology in 2007, after learning their existing billing system would no longer offer support. They required an integrated billing and EMR system that offered the flexibility to customize for both Internal Medicine and General Surgery documentation.

The physicians’ previous system required regular support and left the practices with numerous glitches and excessive downtime. Dr. Berman and Dr. Nishida set out to find a system and provider that offered broad national support and regular, seamless updates.

With a focus in Internal Medicine, Dr. Berman relied heavily on the Primary Care Provider oriented Meaningful Use measures. Alternatively, Dr. Nishida’s general surgery practice required a greater emphasis on ICD-based areas of focus.

How Curas Helped

Curas assisted Dr. Berman and Dr. Nishida with the implementation of eClinicalWorks, a certified, award-winning EMR system that saves money, improves efficiency and enhances security while providing the best patient care possible. As an eClinicalWorks EMR and Practice Management systems Gold-partner, Curas has a 99% success rating in eClinicalWorks implementations as compared to the 27% industry-wide success rating.

Curas came recommended to the physicians as the “go-to” organization that local support relied upon. Curas led practice-specific training and held Meaningful Use workshops for eClinicalWorks users in Hawaii, solidifying their role as a resource to Hawaii practitioners. Curas has since been named the preferred eClinicalWorks vendor for the state of Hawaii, and has opened a satellite office there to provide local service and support.

Curas guided Dr. Berman and Dr. Nishida through an upgrade to eClinicalWorks Version 9, allowing the practices to take advantage of federal funding opportunities available for Meaningful Use.

Both doctors took advantage of Curas’ practice-specific gap analysis and used Curas’ expertise to address and eliminate the gaps.


Curas successfully implemented eClinicalWorks and has continued to provide exceptional support for Dr. Berman and Dr. Nishida. The practices utilize many eClinicalWorks features in their everyday patient care, including e-prescribing, integrated insurance eligibility checking and Patient Portal.

Dr. Berman and Dr. Nishida have been impressed by Curas’ regular quarterly updates that address e-prescribing and fee schedules without disruption to daily performance. Patches are applied without effort on the physicians’ part, allowing the focus to remain on the patients. Both physicians note the qualified, approachable support team at Curas as a key to their success.