Bluegrass Community Family Practice Relies on Curas

Bluegrass Community Family Practice is a primary physician and urgent care facility founded in 2008 by Dr. Brian Sosnin and his wife with the intent to provide the highest standard of patient care. The practice, which serves several counties in Kentucky, provides a wide variety of primary care services including allergy shots, EKG and cardiac monitoring lab tests, lung function tests, and other general care services. (

We did it! It takes a village to achieve Level 3 PCMH Recognition. The Curas team has always been professional, helpful and kind. We appreciate everyone who is a part of our team and family, we love caring for our patients, and we take pride in our work.”

-Dr. Brian Sosnin, Founder
Bluegrass Community Family Practice

The Situation

Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is quickly becoming the new model for health care. It focuses on establishing a “home base” for a patient with his or her primary care physician, enabling enhanced management of the patient’s overall care. Primary care physicians oversee the overall health care plan in a holistic manner, establishing the patient’s care needs and then quarterbacking all aspects of care from hospital visits, lab work, specialists, and more.

The goal of the PCMH approach is to help physicians improve the care and management of all patients, especially those who are high-risk or live with a chronic condition. Practices who achieve PCMH recognition can experience higher reimbursements because overall costs of care will be reduced. Practices must put processes in place and qualify for recognition as a Patient Centered Medical Home.

The Client’s Need

Bluegrass Community Family Practice wanted to pursue PCMH recognition because of its focus on delivering high-quality, low cost care to patients in a team-based approach. They knew that there
were many processes to be put in place, and many pieces of data that their eClinicalWorks system that they could access and analyze in working towards achieving PCMH, but they weren’t sure exactly where to start, or what the best way to put these things in place might be. They turned to Curas for help with the initiative.

How Curas Helped

The practice had worked with Curas since its opening in 2008, so the support team was familiar with the eClinicalWorks implementation, as well as the overall operation of the practice. They started the process by establishing the eBO viewer and reports, helped to establish working and effective Order Sets to satisfy the PCMHR “Important Conditions” standard.

The Curas team also helped Bluegrass to get Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) survey, also a requirement for PCMH, set up within eClinicalWorks. This survey allows the practice to gather data on patient experience to measure and create ratings of health care providers and plans. Bluegrass’s surveys are now set up to be sent directly from their eClinicalWorks system on their server, simplifying the process.

Curas also helped the practice with several other important projects along the path to Bluegrass’s Level 3 PCMH Recognition.


Through the work of, and the practice’s partnership with, the Curas support team, Bluegrass was able to achieve PCMH Level 3 Recognition, the highest level of recognition available. Through this process, the practice experienced improvements in understanding and utilizing key features of their eClinicalWorks system, including order sets and eBO reports.

Perhaps the most important result involves the pride and great demonstration of the commitment to health care excellence the Bluegrass team has experienced because of this recognition. Their patients know that they worked hard to achieve the highest level of PCMH Recognition, and will continue striving to provide the best possible care.